why do I need marketing

The question that comes up most frequently with clients is “Why do I need marketing?” There are many businesses that have already established themselves in their community who do well with minimum effort. However, the vast majority of marketing can provide that boost of revenue to take sales to the next level.

What Is Digital Marketing?

Previously, marketing was billboards, brochures, print ads, and other face-to-face avenues to increase leads. However, as the world becomes increasingly digital, those regular marketing avenues are becoming more obsolete. The print ads now exist on social channels or search engines. Billboards have turned into brand recognition focused videos. Brochures are available with email captures on a website. Digital marketing focuses on all the tools available online and harnesses them for a business’ success. This also allows all businesses to be able to afford digital marketing.

Marketing Benefits

For minimal investments, many businesses within a few weeks begin to see marketing benefits. These benefits are dependent upon the goal. If a real estate agent wants to increase Open House visitors, the benefit of keyword advertisements, targeted email campaigns, and social post boosts would help the agent. However, this strategy doesn’t work for every agent. If the agent is commercial, international, etc., there needs to be a different digital marketing strategy.

It is important to take time and figure out target demographics, the goal, and then craft a plan to achieve those goals. We at The Viral Marketing Group pride ourselves in this approach.

Digital Marketing Costs

Many people then ask well, what are the digital marketing costs? This is a hard question to answer straightforwardly since different strategies have different costs. However, what separates The Viral Marketing Group is our willingness to help any business regardless of budget. For example, maybe it is just a single page website with an email campaign to start, then as revenue grows the marketing efforts can as well. Also, we offer training sessions to empower you to do your own digital marketing. Then, if you want us to take back over, that is fine too.

Our goal is to help you be successful in any way we can.