Social Media for Small Businesses

Businesses too often make the mistake of choosing every single social platform in hopes it will drive leads. Choosing the correct social media for small businesses not only helps keep a marketing budget in check but also strengthens the brand. Doing one or two channels well instead of all of them haphazardly makes a difference.

Facebook for Small Businesses

Facebook is a powerhouse. Almost everyone is on Facebook for one reason or another. Even though the younger demographic (ages 14-25) are moving away from the platform, they still have an account. Facebook is great for driving link clicks back to a website, posting events, and even strengthing business to business sales.

Social Media for Small BusinessesTwitter for Small Businesses

Twitter is a fast-moving, news-driven platform that customers demand an almost instant response rate. This is great for retail, nonprofits, and media outlets. The instant need help propel sales funnels quickly and efficiently. However, be prepared to tweet multiple times a day.

LinkedIn for Small Businesses

LinkedIn is a profession-driven platform that is quite hard to build a base. However, with dedication and hard work those who sell software, luxury goods, and want to connect to other businesses can be successful.

Instagram for Small Businesses

When starting an Instagram, be aware that visual continuity, branding, and high-quality videos are important. This takes time and editing know-how to make an Instagram page do well. However, this channel is excellent for restaurants, cafes, bakeries, travel agencies, art museums, etc.

Pinterest for Small Businesses

Pinterest pushes a heavily female audience with a niche usage that should not be discounted. This platform is excellent for link clicks and growing awareness for restaurants, real estate, venues, interior design, bakeries, and more.

YouTube for Small Businesses

YouTube is growing in popularity among all age groups and businesses. Every day, there are 5 million video views that last over 40 minutes. Yet, only 9% of American businesses are utilizing this platform. This could be a great investment on the ground floor with cohesive branding and a great intro.

Need Help Choosing The Right Social Media for Small Businesses?

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