Setting up a Facebook Business page

Want to start posting on Facebook as your business or brand? It is important to properly set up your Facebook Business Page. A great page will make it easier for customers to receive the right information quickly, which cuts down on having to answer the same questions repeatedly (hours, contact information, etc.). Also, a properly built page screams for engagement and interaction.

Desktop Instructions

On the top toolbar of your Facebook page, click the plus sign denoted with a + symbol.

In the dropdown menu, select “Page”.

Facebook create a page dropdown

Now fill out all the information about your business on the left. This includes Page Name (Business Name), Category (what type of business/brand), and a brief description about you. Then, click “Create Page”.

Facebook Create a Page information

Make sure to add the proper image sizes for your banner and profile picture.

Mobile Instructions

Open the Facebook mobile app (found in the App Store or Google Play Store). Now, tap the flag icon for “Pages” on the bottom of the screen before tapping the plus symbol “+”.

Create a Facebook Page on Mobile Location

Now, follow each page as Facebook walks you through each step to creating a Facebook Business Page. First, pick up to three categories that describe your business or brand before tapping “Next”.

Facebook Business Page Category

Now, type in your business or brand’s name in the box before tapping “Next”.Page Name Facebook Business Page Mobile

Type in your website address, or click “I don’t have a website” if your business doesn’t have one, yet. If you want more information on the best website builders, and how much they cost, click hereFacebook Business Page website

Finally, add your profile picture and cover photo for your page before tapping “Done”. For help on the proper image sizes for 2020 click here.

Facebook Business Page Mobile Profile Picture

That is it. You are ready to add posts, adjust business information, engage with your customers, etc. As always, if you need more help from us, please schedule an appointment.