Looking to improve your sales or promotional marketing? Studies indicate that customers will spend 25% more with a coupon than without one. That is a powerful statistic and one as a business you should be capitalizing upon. Coupons and promotions drive customers to take action. Plus, this action is easily trackable. Long since passed the days of combing through the newspaper to clip coupons. It is important to target your audience efficiently through social media, email, and text campaigns.

Know Your Best Offer

Most people use percentage and/or set dollar amount off as their discount. However, before deciding which avenue to pick ensure that the discount doesn’t adhere to you from making a profit. Before launching your sales or promotional marketing campaign, think about what your customer would find the most beneficial. Have you polled them? Do you have any data from a related survey? There are other great discounts to offer outside of the percentage off box. This includes free shipping, a gift with purchase, giveaway, referral shares. What clicks with your clients will change over time, so make sure to keep a keen eye on any decrease in conversions in your analytics.

Exclusive Email Coupon

Why not offer a discount when a potential buyer subscribes to your email list? These email list only coupons push not only sales but allow you to retarget customers. A great way to do this is by adding a pop-up to your website. After a slight delay, have the pop-up appear and offer a discount for joining the email list as seen below.


Social media sponsored posts are also an option. Many social channels allow you to create an ad that forces the user to enter their email address before receiving a discount code.

Use Coupon Code Sites

Coupon code sites offer a great opportunity to strengthen backlinks on your website. This will increase your rank on search engines and drive more traffic to your website.  Some options are RetailMeNotPromotion Code, CouponGreat, and Coupons and Deals.

Not only do coupon code sites provide valuable backlinks, but they also offer a direct avenue to reach potential customers who are actively seeking discounts and deals. By featuring your promotions on these platforms, you tap into a motivated audience already primed for conversion. Plus, the increased visibility on reputable coupon sites lends credibility to your brand, fostering trust among consumers. Take advantage of this win-win opportunity to not only improve your SEO but also drive tangible results for your business.

Start a Rewards Program

Customers enjoy being rewarded for loyalty. Why not offer special discounts just for them? There could also be a tiered system that rewards with extra perks like a free gift after a customer hit certain milestones.

Sephora has one of the most successful rewards programs. It boasts more than 17 million loyal members, and members make up as much as 80% of Sephora’s annual sales. When customers purchase, they receive points. Then, they can decide how to use their points for exclusive and limited edition products. Sephora also gives birthday rewards like free makeup swag bags.

Need Personalized Sales or Promotional Marketing Help?

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