The holidays are a great time of year to get your business noticed. Check out these amazing holiday content ideas to boost sales and get your audience engaging socially with your brand.

Say Thank You

This is the perfect opportunity to thank customers for their support all year round. Plus, why not post a holiday card with maybe some behind the scenes shots of how your business has been continuing to run this year.

Tips or HowTos

Show some great ways people can utilize your brand over the holidays? Maybe a new tip on how to decorate, upcycle, or a fresh take on your product that can reach more people. Need more inspiration? The most searched terms this time of year are themed around decorating, gift ideas, and food recipes. How can you integrate these? Could your clothes become a framed memento? A skirt from last year could be turned into a handbag? Could your software help make someone’s life easier this season? What about safety? Could your product help keep your home safe?

Photo Contest

People love sharing what they love. Why not throw out a contest to allow them to do just that? This could be the best holiday lights, the greatest ugly sweater, perfectly perfect holiday pup, prettiest tablescape, and more! Then, ask people to upvote their favorite or randomly choose one. Also, add bonus points if contestants use your product in the photo.


Now is the time to write an e-book. Twenty-five percent of consumers read e-books, and every single industry can find a topic to write about. Then, have a holiday giveaway. You heard me. Give it away for free. The point in giving it away is to capture email addresses when you do. You then have an email list of potential customers who are already familiar with your business and are interested in what you are selling. A little bit of work could turn into sales all year long.


Be the thought leader in your space. Share what the newest trends are going to be in your industry. Is it a new color that will be great for 2021? Will it be a technology hitting the coming year?

Look Back

November and December are a great time to take a look back at how your company has grown this past year. A great idea is to mention any social posts that did really well. Highlight any new team members or how your company has grown. People love a great story. Give it to them.

Want Personalized Holiday Content Ideas?

If you holiday content ideas crafted just for your business, contact us for a strategy session. We will examine your current digital marketing avenues and business goals. Then, we will give you personalized posting ideas for this holiday season. Contact us today!