It is important to have a consistent social media posting schedule. For many businesses, this means posting upwards of 4 or 5 times a week. That is a lot of posts to create, which could lead to writer’s block. These 20 innovative and effective social media content ideas will keep your social channels fresh and most importantly, engaging.

1. Share User-Generated Content

Take a break. You don’t have to always come up with brilliant content solo. Allow your users to do it for you. Has anyone posted a video or a photo of him or her interacting with your brand? Reshare it and tag that user! Instant engagement, brand recognition, and trust built.

2. Behind-the-Scenes

Since the Wizard of Oz, we all want to see what is behind the curtain. What makes your business tick? What can you share that gives users a behind-the-scenes glance into the interworkings of your brand?

3. Create a Series

Why not have a daily, weekly or monthly series highlighting a specific product or instructing your clients how to best interact with your product? For example, if you sell software, have a series of posts on who benefits from it and how to use it effectively.

4. Quote

#MotivationMonday exists for a reason. Pick a quote that represents your brand or ideology as a company and share it with your followers. Ask them to relate to the quote as well.

5. Contest or Giveaway

According to data from Tailwind, 91% of Instagram posts with more than 1,000 likes or comments are related to a contest. Meanwhile, accounts that run contests on a regular basis are noted to grow 70% faster than those that don’t.

6. Industry News

Social media posts are supposed to instill trust and remind followers that you are a thought-leader in your industry. Why not share updates from new sources within your niche? To do this, jot down a list of sources like publications or websites. Then, follow those sources on Twitter. If something interesting or newsworthy is shared, post it on another social network like Facebook.

7. Ask a Question

Don’t feel pressured to always have to create a graphic, blog post, or article. Some great engaging social media posts are simply aimed at getting your audience talking by asking a question. It could be as simple as what do you want to learn next or how to pronounce the word “picture”. This could be a great engaging post for a print shop or photographer.

8. Customer Review

Did someone leave you an amazing Google or Yelp review? Share it on your social channel! If they are already a follower, make sure to tag them.

9. Meme

Memes are not going anywhere. Why not capitalize on the trend by sharing a funny one that highlights your business or industry in an amusing way.

10. Reshare Your Own Posts

Don’t be afraid to reshare your own posts that have done well! Make sure enough time has passed, but there is no reason not to try and engage with your followers the same way again.

Need More Effective Social Media Content Ideas?

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