Is your marketing strategy looking a little lackluster or not driving the results you are looking for? While you may not need to scrap your entire marketing strategy, it’s likely time for a refresh. Here are three quick tips to refresh your existing digital marketing strategy.

1. Audit

The first step to refreshing your digital strategy is to perform an audit of all your channels. This includes social media, website, email campaigns, content marketing, SEO measures, etc. Are these platforms regularly updated? Are they helping to achieve your business goals and objectives? What are the sales rates for these channels? What needs improvement? What works?

2. Assess Audience

Next, which audiences are you currently attracting? Are you missing anyone that could benefit from your service or product? What is your message/content saying that could possibly be tweaked to reach more clients? Take a look at market competitors. How are they reaching your target demographic? Now, maybe the time to try a new approach.

3. Editorial Calendar

Now, create a new editorial calendar with these strategies in mind. Look at the coming months and strategize how to reach your audience using the audit information to create dynamic content. Make sure to include any major events or promotions coming up. Mix content that informs, entertains and sells. These quick tips are sure to refresh your digital strategy quickly and easily.

“The Viral Marketing Group helped us develop a complete digital marketing strategy for the entire year. It was so simple and easy to follow. Plus, we got more clients than we could handle within the first 60 days!”

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