Best Time to Post on Facebook

Social media is all about strategy. How to get the most people to view and engage in a single post. The trick is to examine the best social media posting times for each channel, then schedule content to published then. However, each channel is different! This post will focus on the best times to post on Facebook.

Facebook Insights

In order to find out the best social media posting times for Facebook, it is important to have a business page setup. If you do not have one, click here to find instructions for creating one for desktop and mobile.

On your business page on desktop, navigate to “Insights”.

If you are on the mobile app, it is on the top of your Facebook page underneath your business name.

Facebook Insights Location Mobile 2020

If it isn’t there, you will need to scroll the menu and tap “More”.

From this menu, you will now see “Insights”. Tap it.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights provides a wealth of information for knowing your business’ audience, and how they interact with your page. Some information includes Reach, Likes, Engagement, and Views. However, we are only interested in “Posts”. Post locations in Facebook Insights

The Posts page shows the best times to post on each day. The data is compiled based upon when followers of your page are online and when they are engaging the most. Then, it is important to schedule any post during that time. For example, according to this graph, our Viral Marketing Group Facebook page should post more in the late afternoon than morning.

Facebook Post Information


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May 2024