Unique Instagram Story

Instagram is a social media channel that thrives on creative content through videos or powerful imagery. In order for a business to be successful in this social, it is important to create a unique Instagram look or feel. This separates your business from other feeds and compels users to want to scroll and admire all your content. This is also a trick to easily gaining more followers.

Know Your Demographic

Just like any marketing avenue, it is important to understand the audience your business wants to reach. Is it predominately female? Male? Young? Old? Then, cater your look and content to meet the desires of that audience. For example, @aerialnailbox is a monthly nail subscription service targeting a younger female demographic.  All their imagery shows a variety of nails in fun and interesting ways.

Instagram Unique Look


Consistent Color Scheme

Instagram is a very visual channel. In order to stand out against the digital noise and create a unique Instagram look, it is important to be consistent in filters, subject, and color palette. @hol_fox is a self-proclaimed color lover, and it shows. Her Instagram even though the colors can be diverse, everything looks like a cohesive page that draws a user in.

Consistent Instagram Color Scheme

Get Grid Creative

Instagram lays out photos in a grid format. Use this to your advantage to stand out with your product. A single image can be split into six or more tiles on the grid. Play around with this as @dapperboi did. One image can take up 9 tiles to look like those it is one gigantic image. Apps like Pic Splitter, Tile Pic, or Instagrid will help achieve this effect. However,  if you choose this approach, remember that you will need to pre-plan alignments. Yet again, there are great free websites that allow businesses to do this like Planoly. It is free and lets you drag and drop the layout of up to 30 posts per month.

Instagram Grid

Put It All Together

Using all these tips along with strategic hashtag research can compile to form a unique Instagram look that will appeal to your target demographic that turns into engagement. Then, engagement will turn into sales. Want a personal consultation on how to improve your Instagram or other social channel’s look? Reach out for free consultation, then receive a personalized social media strategy plan for your business within 24 hours.

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