Winning Holiday Social Media

Everyone is trying to get noticed digitally this time of year. So, what are the tricks to conquering holiday social media and coming out on top? Read more to find out how your business can win big this holiday season.

Define Your Goals

It is important before you even begin to define your business goals. This isn’t just what you want to accomplish through social media, but also as a business as a whole. Are you trying to increase pajama sales? Get more diners for lunch? Book more early morning photo shoots? With those strategic goals in mind, your social media should constantly be reflecting on what you want to accomplish.

Tell A Story

Now, that you have clear goals for your business, envision your holiday social media, not as one-off posts or videos. Think of the entire holiday season as one long story or movie. You are telling your audience why they should hire, visit, or buy from you in a creative way. For example, let’s take the goal of having more patrons at an establishment for lunch. The story could be all the people that could benefit from taking a lunch break. A video or photo gallery of a busy shopper stopping in for a quick bite. A rushed executive trying to finish work before leaving for winter break, stopping in knowing that lunch orders complete in 20 minutes or less. Then, showcase all the delicious holiday-themed recipes or brunch cocktails. Why not brunch every day during the holidays?

This is how you should be thinking about your holiday social media. Take a goal and create a story from it that you will tell all season long. Wondering when to post this great story campaign, read more about building a posting strategy, here.

Engage with Your Audience

Many people forget the social component of social media. Just posting your story campaign isn’t good enough. You want to create an emotional connection with your audience and be a business they trust and return to. According to a study by Forbes Magazine, 86% of customers say an emotional connection with a customer service agent would make them continue to do business with the company. Only 30% of customers felt companies strive to make that connection. Social media provides that avenue – don’t waste the opportunity to answer their questions. Ask them for their opinion or just be a supportive cheerleader.

A great real-world example of this is Jet Blue. Take a look at their Twitter Feed. Yes, I know, you don’t have the endless resources that Jet Blue does. However, is there someone in your company that can take charge of this digital customer service? Or you could always outsource. Learn more about our social media services, here.

Track & Adjust

Make sure to keep an eye on engagement on posts and other analytics to see which posts are resonating with your audience, and which ones are falling short. Don’t be afraid to pivot and try something new. Every single post is a chance to not only do better but to also engage more. Also, if you have a website, don’t forget to track any increased traffic through referrals (social media channels).

Need Personalized Holiday Social Media Help?

Feel stuck and want us to create a personalized holiday social media campaign for you? Not only do we offer digital marketing packages (which can be customized to fit any budget or need), but also strategy sessions to get your digital marketing back on track. Contact us, today.