It is important for businesses to have a variety of reviews from different platforms when a potential client searches for your business.  90% of customers say that their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews. This means it is important for your business to get more reviews in order to boost sales.

First, Be Able to Be Reviewed

In order to get more reviews, your clients need to have a location to leave feedback. There are many places to choose from. This includes Yelp, Google My Business and Facebook. It doesn’t hurt to have a profile on all three places. In fact, having multiple links to external sources can help your SEO on your website. However, if you wish to concentrate on one or two, it is recommended to focus on Google and Yelp.

Get More Reviews

Gathering reviews do not have to be complicated, but it needs to be part of your business’ customer service system. Automatic emails sent in a week after purchase asking for a review with a link to whichever profile you wish is a great way to get more reviews. The easier you make this process the more likely you will receive reviews. Want a more in-depth customer experience? Why not turn it into a case study? A case study is how a client used your product or business that allowed their lives to be easier or filled a need they had. This is an excellent way to have your customers speak about your company in their own words and reach other buyers just like them.

Follow the Rules

The first instinct on soliciting reviews may be to provide an incentive for customers to leave great ones. However, do not do this. Many review sites like Google can fine a business if it realizes you hosted a raffle, give away for a review.

So, how do you get more reviews? You can offer a discount if a customer leaves a review. However, they must disclose in the review they received a discount offer. This may seem counterintuitive to sales, however, the more positive reviews a business has the more likely a new client will trust them.

What About Negative Reviews

Many businesses will try to contact Google to remove them or try to ignore these reviews. However, it is better practice to address the concerns in a professional manner. This shows other customers that you care about everyone having a good experience with your company. To do this, first objectively review what was said. Was there anything truthful to the comment? Was customer service slow that day? Did someone accidentally skip cleaning the restroom? Did communications fail with this client? These negative reviews could be opportunities to strengthen your business.

So, how to respond? Acknowledge their comments and promise to do something about it. Make sure to not argue even if you disagree. One wrong word could easily turn into a social firestorm.  67% of people say a customer service interaction is bad because the person they were dealing with was unpleasant. Aim for professionalism and objectivity.

Lastly, don’t wait to respond. A prompt response signals that customer service is a priority. Also, don’t just respond to the negative reviews, but the good ones, too!

More Questions?

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